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loggingit.com now runs under https://secure.loggingit.com – which is protected with a secure SSL certificate. When you read your logs or add a new log entry, all text is encrypted so that your data is protected against eavesdroppers.

You can still reach the service through loggingit.com – your browser will take you to the secure site automatically.


coming along nicely

A short update: loggingit.com is coming along nicely. I’ve been mostly working on design and layout, and some wording here and there (was sick for a while). The front page now has a real introduction now, with examples and explanations; a lot more than just Sign Up and Sign In links as previously.

There are now a lot of colours to make it pleasing to look at, and even a fancy background image at the top (after taking a look at Vista which I hardly ever do).

Everything should be ready for general use within 10 days or so. That means by you ;-)



loggingit.com: already very usable!

loggingit.com is already very usable, after just three weeks of a few after-hours programming sessions. To capture the progress I’m setting up this blog!

I am Stephan Wehner, owner of The Buckmaster Institute, Inc – which operates loggingit.com. I am a mathematician and software developer, live with my partner Tamara in Vancouver, Canada, and devote most of my free time to my two daughters Astrid and Isabella. In other words, they are asleep when I get to work on stuff like this!

This blog is meant firstly, to allow me to post updates about loggingit.com, new features for examples, or announcements about this or that. In my mind, email has become quite unreliable, so if you sign up for a loggingit.com account, be sure to subscribe to this blog’s RSS or Atom feed, in order to keep informed! (Don’t expect any emails)

Secondly, a blog like this also allows exchanges between you, the reader and loggingit.com user and other blog readers and users: please feel free to leave a comment if you have a question or pointer.

So you will normally see not daily posts to this blog, but probably once every few weeks or even less frequent.

Oh yes, what was that blog post title at the top about? What do I mean by “very usable”? Well, I have been using the site to keep track of little things here and there. Today I added search support. All in all, currently, loggingit.com allows you to:

  • Set up your private logs.
  • Add entries to those logs.
  • View log entries in several different ways: List / Table / Cards / Story. You can also see a list of links that may be contained in the log entries.
  • Search the logs for keywords.

Every entry and log is private – without knowing your account ID and password no-one else can read them.

    There are some rough edges here and there, which you will surely discover by yourself! However, this modest set of features is really proving quite useful. For example, I keep track of the time I spend on this project, maintain a todo list, and links to interesting articles.

    The next feature I want to work on is to make it easy to log right from within your web browser: select text, right-click and log! Once that works (probably in Firefox only, who needs more?) the next exciting ambition is an iPhone app. Log easily from your cell phone.

    Until next time, friends …