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new feature: log several fields

Just added a new feature to Logging It: now you can log several fields!

For example, if you look at a time sheet, you usually capture activity and time spent – two fields.  A friend of mine was excited about the idea of a fishing log. The fields he wants to track are

  • Water Body
  • Companions
  • Duration, and
  • Catch

With this new feature you can choose up to 5 fields and give them titles as you need them. There are also templates you can choose from on the “add new topic” page. If you want to add fields to an existing log-topic of your’s, go to the “settings” tab, and select the “Advanced” link at the bottom of the form.

This is a simple change, of course. Actually I’ve been wanting to make it for quite a while, but only now got around to it. I like to track how much time I spend on certain projects. Up to now, I just wrote the time at the end of my log notes. With an extra field, it will be easier to get an overview of where my time goes.

If  you already have a Logging It account, sign in now, otherwise sign up, and give it a look-over!



new design

Changed the design and layout for how you add logs and view them. The goal was to make it simpler, and also to make space for some planned additions – coming soon! (The front page stays the same)

If you have an account, sign in, otherwise sign up to take a look! Feedback is welcome!